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Create a T-shirt with our T-shirt Creator or choose from other products to create your own custom gear, from mugs, koozies, coolers, beach towels and other cool accessories.


create a t-shirt



In 4 easy steps you can Create a T-shirt:




1. Choose a T-shirt to personalize.

To the top left of the T-Shirt Designer, click on the button Choose product to personalize a T-shirt or any other product. You can choose from as many as 140 items. You can also filter your product search with categories by pre-selecting buttons. You can e.g. first click on "Men" and then "T-Shirts" to find all available men’s T-shirts. Within a category, you can further filter available sizes and colors. Once you find the right product, just click on it. Now you will see a preview of the desired product. To the right, you can click on the desired color.



2. Personalize your T-shirt with your design, artwork or logo.

To the top left of the T-Shirt Designer, click on the button Choose design to personalize a T-shirt or any other product. Here we’ll show you the most popular designs. Use the search bar to find designs for any topic by entering a keyword. Or just search the “design categories” for suitable topics. Choose a design and confirm it with “Add design”. It will show on your T-shirt immediately. You can change the size or position the way you like it now. To the right of the T-shirt designer, you can select color and print method. The display underneath also indicates the printable areas of the product. On a T-shirt, for example, you can also print on the back and sleeves. Just choose an area by clicking on it. This is how you can easily get your own T-shirt ready for T-shirt printing.



3. Design your T-shirt with your own photo.

Upload your photo or your own design and create your own T-shirt or any other product with it. Click on Upload image and choose your image file. The uploaded image will be displayed on the product you have chosen. Now you can position it or change its size to create your custom T-shirt or any other product.



4. Add your text to your personalized T-shirt.

Personalize your custom t-shirts or any other product with personalized text. In the T-Shirt Designer, click on the button Add text and then enter your text. You can position the text by dragging and moving it on your product. Text color, font and size can be changed by means of selection to the right of the T-Shirt Designer. The menu option “special font” offers you some super unique fonts to add a personal touch to your T-shirt. This is also a great way to personalize gifts easily and swiftly. Now you just need to choose a size and quantity of your personalized product. Click on the button Choose size & color to select these details. Click on the basket to check out with your custom printed T-shirts.





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